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Corporate Social Investment

A Union with heart

The PSA, as an organisation serving people, realises that it has a significant role to play in respect of social responsibility activities. The PSA, as part of its focus on corporate social investment (CSI) activities, annually nominates exceptionally needy communities, local welfare and charitable organisations as beneficiaries of donations.

The PSA’s CSI programmes are aimed at communities throughout South Africa. This investment takes the form of charitable donations, staff time and skills, and donations in kind.

PSA CSI objectives

  • Develop meaningful and sustainable social responsibility initiatives
  • Direct SR projects to a particular sector to expand our market share
  • Utilise PSA shop stewards and structures to identify community projects and be involved in HIV/Aids projects
  • Encourage structures to identify needs of their communities and to participate in related projects
  • Effectively communicate with stakeholders
Serving little people October 2018 10/2/2018 7:49:36 AM
COVID-19 relief project September 2020 9/22/2020 7:20:00 AM
The PSA cares for ENVIRONMENT December 2021 12/13/2021 3:10:30 PM
PSA donates lapdesks to learners April 2018 4/2/2018 7:13:23 AM
PSA blankets bring warmth May 2018 5/2/2018 7:20:55 AM
PSA support for UFS students March 2019 3/2/2019 10:30:35 AM
School desks for rural areas September 2018 9/2/2018 7:37:54 AM
PSA donates fencing to Limpopo School February 2019 2/2/2019 10:23:36 AM
Inspired to give March 2021 3/9/2021 3:21:06 PM
PSA supports job creation June 2018 6/2/2018 7:25:03 AM
Inspiring Change December 2021 12/13/2021 3:40:52 PM
PSA donates to SAPS. January 2020 1/29/2020 5:19:05 AM
Food gardens 2019 January 2019 1/2/2019 8:42:32 AM
PSA assists orphanage December 2018 12/2/2018 8:19:43 AM
PSA care bears August 2018 8/2/2018 7:34:16 AM
Food gardens 2018 March 2018 3/2/2018 7:03:33 AM
PSA donates library to North-West School April 2019 4/2/2019 10:35:36 AM
PSA helps with classrooms July 2018 7/2/2018 7:28:45 AM
PSA Donates Mobile Libraries July 2019 7/5/2019 3:12:17 PM